About Us

Originally from Dubuque, IA. Eric is a 18 year veteran of the Fire Service. Starting his service with the Asbury Community Fire Department, later moving to Illinois where he is a fulltime career Firefighter/Paramedic in the western suburbs of Chicago. Eric has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration along with an Associates Degree in Emergency Medical Services. Eric is a certified Illinois Fire Inspector, and works part time as a Fire Inspector for the community he serves as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Eric has a wife and 2 kids and enjoys being outside, hunting, playing sports, exercising and spending time with family.

I wanted to start this business because I see first hand the lives that are lost, the tragedies families endure along with extensive property damage due to faulty or missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. On the job I frequently encounter homes that do not have working smoke detectors, batteries are missing or just no detector at all. I believe this is a recipe for disaster and I want this business to help prevent these disasters.

I believe lives will be saved and property destruction will be reduced if proper working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed! I feel there is a great need and a required service to help the residents better protect themselves, their families and their property!! I am here to help!

*Eric Blaser