Smoke Detector Replacement

Do you have non-working detectors, discolored detectors or detectors that are over 10 years old? Home Fire Safety Solutions will expertly replace existing detectors or upgrade your detectors as needed. Home Fire Safety Solutions also offers and services combination carbon monoxide/smoke detectors.

After setting up an appointment with us, a Home Fire Safety Solutions agent will come out and assess the condition of your current detectors. We will make recommendations that best fit your needs, answer any additional questions you may have and either go to work right then and there, or schedule another appointment to get your house back up to proper safety standards.


When was the last time you cleaned your smoke detectors? Just as your car, air conditioning system and dryer vent require maintenance in order to function optimally, so do your smoke detectors. A clean smoke detector is a happy smoke detector. More importantly, a clean detector is better suited to do its job and not give you a false alarm; or even worse, no alarm at all!

Smoke detectors tend to be up and out of sight, consequently we often forget about them, until they give us a subtle (or loud) reminder they are there. While our smoke detectors sit quietly waiting to warn us, they are collecting dust like all the rest of our precious valuables. And like those precious valuables, our smoke detectors need to be cleaned to work as well as they can when needed.

There are no second chances when it comes to warnings and fire detection warnings are essential in keeping your family, your home and your belongings safe.


Let us climb that ladder! Home Fire Safety Solutions will safely change those pesky, chirping detectors for you. We will take the detectors down, inspect, clean, replace the batteries and then reinstall all detectors less than 10 years old… and you can keep your feet safely on the ground. We are professional firefighters who feel right at home on ladders, so let us do your high work for you.

After setting up your appointment, we will arrive on schedule, we will do a walk through of your home. This will include locating all your detectors, taking them down, checking the age and condition of the detector, and cleaning it. Cleaning the detector involves removing all the unseen dust that would inhibit the detector from working properly. We would then replace the old worn battery with a fresh new one. After all of that is complete we will re-install the detector and re-sink all the detectors to “talk” to one another.


FUTURE SERVICE: Our annual service agreement includes free service calls for one year, cleaning, testing and replacing batteries. The annual agreement includes a maximum of 5 detectors.

Annual Inspections Include:

  1. A complete inspection ensuring that all required smoke detectors are present, have been inspected, and are in good working order.

  2. Button test to ensure proper operation.

  3. Battery Replacements

  4. Cleaning of detectors and surrounding areas.

  5. Replacement of any faulty and/or expired detectors, which is required 10 years from manufactured date*.

If you desire peace of mind throughout the year, then Home Fire Safety Solutions Annual Service Agreement is for you. This can be purchased for your own home or for the home of a loved one. Home Fire Safety Solutions can provide you with an annual contract; we will come out and inspect, clean, and replace the batteries in your detectors.

After making your initial appointment we will take care of the rest. If a problem arises and you need us to come back out during your annual service agreement term, the service fee is waived for that additional visit. This is a small insurance policy for your smoke detectors which are life saving insurance products.

*additional fees apply for installation of new detectors.